Give gift boxes of experience

The Dry Drinker Alcohol Free Beer advent calendar

It's good to give experience. Arguably, we've got too many 'things'. and, however nice they are, lots of gifts become clutter.

With a Dry Drinker gift box, your loved one still gets a satisfying box to open, full of different drinks to enjoy.

Our brilliant Alcohol Free Beer Advent Calendar (pictured) gives you 24 different beers – 12 bottles and 12 cans! (£50).

Maybe it'll be the first time they've tried a really good alcohol free beer or wine. They'll discover there is much more to enjoy than the limited choice you might find (if you're lucky) elsewhere.

Simple pleasures

You're giving pleasure. New tastes. Something different. A door opened. A problem solved. Potentially a bit of magic! We need this right now.

And being alcohol free means it is a treat or a luxury that they won't have to pay for later. It's genius how something that's low fat, low calorie, low sugar, with no additives, can seem indulgent. No hangovers. No beer goggles. A chance to pace and stay awake to the end of the movie!

And the box and the bottles can go in the recycling. Nice feelings and no clutter.

Convenience and value

We know you have to consider cost when buying gifts and so we've made sure our boxes are great value. And we take care of delivery, with a personalised gift tag, so they know it comes from you.

And if you think, 'hmm... that's a lot for drinks that don't have duty', think how much you are willing to spend on a coffee 😉

Beers and wines crafted with skill and care to taste fantastic, all alcohol free – what better gift is there than that?

Present buying sorted!

The gift of choice

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