Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

It was a dark and stormy night, long, long ago… well it wasn’t, but Sheep in Wolf's Clothing founder Matty was sat in a pub several years ago trying to work out what options there were for people looking to enjoy several pints with friends without the potentially negative thundery impacts. At this time the answer was… not a lot, the no and low alcohol scene seemed pretty barren and at worst, worse than having nothing. Combine this with an inability to think of the next billion dollar app, but a longing to create opportunities to employ folks potentially marginalised by the working world, and you get to the launch of Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing.

A lot of work went into investigating the potential opportunity for a new brand, finding cofounders, where it might fit, researching the market, losing cofounders due to covid, promptly getting all of the learnings wrong or forgetting the right answers. This was then followed up with a huge amount of research into yeasts and different beer recipes. A team of interested parties was created and garage brewing and laboratory research began in earnest. This all funnelled up to contract brewing and officially launching in July 2021.

Since then the team has re-formed, we have an incredible head brewer supporting us to take our recipes from "pretty good for a bunch of semi-amateurs” to brilliant professional brews competing with the best and continuing to evolve our recipes. Behind the scenes are a group of wonderful people who believe in the brand and for some reason seem our founder Matty (or they just really like beer, we can’t work it out) working as we try and take our next steps.

In 2022, SiWC are looking to bring their ethos into the physical realm in bricks and mortar in London and show the world exactly what they mean by their values of Inclusivity, Community and Sustainability.

Lager Day Saints 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer

A clean, refreshing Munich Helles that won’t send you straight down like it’s full-strength brethren. Real lager made with holy traditional methods and unique yeast. 0.5% lager just stopped being sinfully bad.

Easy Rinder Mandarin Wheat Beer 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer

A zesty mandarin wheat ale with all the character of a full-throttle version but without any of the potential misfires.

Small Kingdom IPA 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer

This super hopped IPA is our thank you to those who came before and made us who are. It was not created by us but inherited from those who passed all they had to us. This is for them. Slainte Mhath.

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