Frustration, and a bet, led to The Dry Drinker

Stuart Elkington was seriously fed up with the lack of choice in low and non-alcoholic beers in the UK. And his partner Lynn bet he wouldn’t give up his successful job in the licensed trade to do something about it.

While travelling, he finally found what he was looking for: a non-alcoholic draft lager. It was just part of the offer served cold from a beachside bar. No fuss. And no sweeteners, or artificial flavourings, just lovely taste.

Why weren’t these beers available in the UK, offering drinkers a tasty, grown-up drink with no alcohol?

Stuart enjoyed working for a leading brewery chain, and was good at it. But the bet was made. Stuart took it, left the job, and set up The Dry Drinker nearly two years ago.

Stuart, founder of Dry Drinker

Avoiding ‘fat and 40’

Stuart realised the lack of alcohol free beer choices when he decided to quit alcohol as part of a commitment to lose weight and get healthier. As he says: ‘I didn’t want to be fat and 40’.

Trying for children

Also, he and his partner Lynn wanted to start a family. He knew that being in better shape would only help. It was a big incentive and it worked, as they’ve now got two lovely kids!

Driven by insight

Stuart knows how the value of having a drink that you can look forward to drinking, even though it is alcohol free.

But he is keen not to preach. Dry Drinker is about offering choice, and introducing customers to a great new range of alcohol free drinks they can enjoy any time, for whatever reason. (But mainly because they taste great).

Quality control

Dry Drinker sells premium, exclusive products and there’s a story behind all of them. Stuart sells alcohol free beers from around the world. It is all about quality for him: only drinks he has tasted make it into the Dry Drinker online shop.

UK craft beer pioneers

He is proud to recommend the pioneering work of UK’s craft breweries, such as St Peter’s, Nirvana Brewery and Big Drop and is trusted to become the exclusive first stockist of new beers and ranges.

International selection

Beers are on offer from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic, and more — all countries with an established market for alcohol free beer. Dry Drinker stocks alcohol free products from niche breweries such as Copenhagen-based Mikkeller, but also established traditional breweries such as San Miguel.

Extensive choice

Choose from stouts, Pilsners, wheat beers, craft beers, German lagers, fruit beers, pale ales and IPAs. Drinkers can be confident they’ll be packed with taste, be that hoppy, full bodied and malty, thirst-quenching or citrusy.

Zerohero range

Customers who want 0.0%ABV can enjoy the Zerohero range, which is a name registered to Dry Drinker.

Beyond the beer

Stuart has expanded the Dry Drinker range to include alcohol free:

  • alcohol free sparkling wines including Prosecco
  • alcohol free wines• non-alcoholic distilled spirit Seedlip
  • non-alcoholic G’n’T
  • cider

Elkington’s Sparkling ‘Gin’ Rhubarb is the first in a range of own-brand drinks being developed.


Dry Drinker has particular appeal for:

  • pregnant women, and new mums — and aspiring dads!
  • women and men becoming more health conscious, especially about alcohol
  • women and men losing weight or training for events
  • younger people who want to take a more mindful approach to drinking.

Service focus

Dry Drinker is the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free store, and Stuart takes a friendly and personal approach to customer service.

Check Trusted Shops reviews for comments about Dry Drinker’s product range, communication, packaging and delivery.

Dry Drinker has won an industry award to boot.

The £4.99 flat delivery fee (UK mainland) stays the same, however much you order. And the minimum order is one bottle of wine or six bottles of beer.

Dry Drinker is a growing business, based in West London and sending alcohol free drinks to customers across the UK and Europe.

Stuart can multi-task, so don’t be surprised if you give him a call and hear the rip of packing tape in the background. That’s the sound of the next Dry Drinker order being prepared for careful courier delivery!