Help your guests enjoy Alcohol Free events

Dry January, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Saints Days, birthdays, big sporting events … we find many reasons for a party with family and friends and some of us want to enjoy events alcohol free.
At all of them, the UK’s most trusted alcohol free store Dry Drinker can help you offer guests who want or need to stay alcohol free a choice of tasty grown-up drinks. Give them more than sugary or artificially sweetened soft drinks, the ubiquitous orange juice or water (still or sparkling? yawn).
Consider these guests:

Designated driver

‘You made it!’
You collapse through the door at your sister’s 40th birthday party. You’ve battled the M25, with cries of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ on repeat from the back seat. Your reward? Mineral water... diet coke... one of the kid’s fruit drinks...?
Or a zero-alcohol Teetotal G’n’T from Dry Drinker? On ice, with a slice of lime, perhaps? That sounds more civilised.
(Drink Aware explains why drinking any alcohol and driving just isn't worth it!)

Pregnant friend

‘Congratulations! When’s it due?’
Your news has gone down well at New Year’s party and you look blooming. Shame you have to stick with soda water and lime when they crack open the champagne.
With Dry Drinker, you could join in with some delicious alcohol free Scavi & Ray Prosecco. The aroma alone says celebration.

Man on a mission

You accepted the invite to the fancy dress party before committing to get fit. In a pair of Leprechaun ears and facing your fourth pint of diet coke, you glumly wonder how long it will be before you reach for a ‘real’ drink.
Would you rather get stuck into some alcohol-free Nirvana Brewery Kosmic Stout, courtesy of Dry Drinker? Deep malty chocolate taste, with only 100 calories for a 500ml bottle, it will keep you on track – and stop those ‘not drinking mate?’ jibes.

Help them enjoy events alcohol free

So, there’s three guests who would be grateful you got some supplies in from the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free Store Dry Drinker.

Office party planning

Why not supply alcohol-free drinks and not just ‘soft’ ones at work parties? Don’t hardworking colleagues and employees who want to stay alcohol-free deserve more than squash, coke and mineral water?
And help people pace their drinks, without having to miss out on taste. So, check the UK’s largest range of alcohol-free beers and fill the ice-bucket with some refreshing Erdinger wheat beer, craft ale St Peter’s Without Gold or many other light beers.
Trusted Shops review
‘Such a fantastic business to deal with. Inquiry responded to promptly and order dispatched quickly perfectly packaged. The actual drinks were delicious, not gimmicky or overly sweet as many non-alcoholic drinks can be. Oh the G’n’Ts were very popular at the party. Will certainly be bookmarking this site for future events.’ (2017)

Give your party and dinner guests real choice in what to drink by offering alcohol-free. Buy online from Dry Drinker and let everyone celebrate to the max!
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