Paulaner Alcohol Free Beer

Paulaner alcohol free beer proves they really know how to brew great beer in Munich, with or without alcohol.
Use Dry Drinker, the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free store to enjoy these delicious beers - one dark, one wheat.

Paulaner Münchner Hell Alkoholfrei

If you like your beer on the dark side this one is really for you. This award-winner is made using the original brewing process, with pasteurization.


A rich amber colour. This combines the harmony of a sweet caramel aroma with a pleasant bitter taste.

Food pairing

Think spicy spare ribs and barbecue sauce. Followed by a slice of ginger pear cake.

Paulaner Alcohol Free Wheat Beer

This is a German beer with fewer calories than a soft drink and no compromises! Even though 500ml has under 100kcal, is a great non-alcoholic thirst quencher, which can turn a break in your day into a Bavarian taste experience.
Paulaner brewery launched the world's first ever non alcoholic wheat beer in 1986. Then it was the first German brewery to launch a non-alcoholic wheat beer with yeast.


The same full wheat beer flavour as its big brother: unfiltered, refreshing and vitalising.

Food pairing

Open and leave for a few minutes, then pour and enjoy. Try it with a goats cheese.

Taster Packs

Big Brew 2 Mixed Beer Case
With this robust case, you can serve up Paulaner Munchner Hell with Rothaus wheat beer, Bernard Amber Dark Beer, and Furstenberg Frei Lager.
Don your lederhosen and find both Paulaner beers alongside wheat beers from Maisel’s, Rothaus, Franzikaner, Schneider, all at 0.5% ABV.

Brewing process

Paulaner brews alcohol free with a combination of de-alcoholisation and interrupted fermentation. This preserves the typical fruity aroma as well as the fine notes of malt and yeast.

Trusted Shops review

‘Excellent service and fantastic tasting non alcoholic drinks. Highly recommended.’ (September 2017)
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