Dry Janners Assemble!

Dry Janners Assemble!

Kick off 2022 by curbing the booze and trying some awesome alcohol-free drinks throughout January.

Whether you’re a seasoned non-drinker or abstaining for the first time, you’ll be delighted by our vast range of alternatives drinks you can sample throughout January – it doesn’t have to be a month of water and tea!


You’ll be amazed at the range of beers, ciders and non-alcoholic spirits being made right here in the UK. If you’re looking to keep yourself well-stocked throughout January, you can’t go wrong with our Ultimate Great British Beer Box36 different delicious beers 330ml-500ml, delivered in three boxes along with a free branded beer glass. Try out lots of different beers to help pick your favourites - from stouts and lagers, to ales and IPAs – there really is something for all tastebuds.


If wine is your usual tipple, don’t miss out through Dry January as we have a myriad of options for you too. A great place to start would be with our Spanish Collection

We love Spanish wine at Drydrinker so much, so we want to share a mix of our bestsellers with you in our mixed case.

Whether it’s a heady, robust red rioja or a crisp, sparkling white cava, opening a bottle of Spanish wine is rarely a disappointing experience.


And for the cider fans, keep your favourite drink, simply swap to amazing alcohol-free versions. Our mixed case pulls together a perfect mix of ciders from the best of English and Dutch cider makers – including Sheppy’s, Brothers, Thatchers and Stowford Press. And all vegan-friendly to boot.

But don’t just take it from us, here’s what one happy Dry Drinker thought:

“A really great selection that meant I could get a good sense of what is out there. I have 2 favourites I’ll be going back for now.”

Spirits and Mocktails

You don’t want to miss out on your favourite spirits either. This alcohol-free market is booming and there are endless options available for you to replicate your favourite drinks – or experiment and make some magical mocktails at home.

The Lyre’s range of spirits is spectacular – they don’t just mimic, they have their own distinction as premium, non-alcoholic beverages. From Italian Spritz and Amaretto to Coffee Liquor and American Malt – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Dry Drinker is super proud to once more be an online partner of the UK’s one-month alcohol free challenge, run by Alcohol Change UK.

We only sell what we love to drink ourselves, so if you need help deciding what to try, please email 

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We hope our relationship makes it past its one-month anniversary and into February and beyond.

We’d love to hear your Dry January success stories.

Happy Dry Drinking!

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