The 9 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Christmas 2023

The 9 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Christmas 2023

The holiday season is a time for celebration and indulgence to be enjoyed by everyone, including those who prefer non-alcoholic options or living a sober lifestyle. Whether you're the designated driver or simply prefer to drink tasty, non-alcoholic concoctions, there are plenty of festive and delicious drinks to enjoy this Christmas. From Bailey's alternatives to festive spiced beers and sparkling alcohol-free wine, here are some of the best non-alcoholic Christmas drinks to savour during December 2023.

Cutting Down or Out Alcohol at Christmas

If you're looking to cut down or completely eliminate alcohol during the holiday season, there are many reasons to do so. It can help you stay more present and mindful during family gatherings and is a great opportunity to explore new flavours and get creative with your drink choices. So, whether you're trying to make healthier choices or want to enjoy the festivities without alcohol, these alcohol-free Christmas drinks are sure to impress your taste buds.

The Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

Do you want to add a touch of indulgence to your holiday celebrations? Here are some top picks for non-alcoholic xmas drinks, and there is something to please everyone. So raise a glass and toast to a merry and alcohol-free Christmas!

1. Lervig No Worries Driving Home For Christmas - Alcohol-Free Christmas Ale 0.5%

The Best Christmas Ale

No worries driving home for christmas product shot

During the holiday season, you can enjoy family gatherings with this malty, dark-roasted ale with a hint of festive spice! Keep the peace this Christmas, as the family runs wild and you remain calm and in control of your inhibitions. Driving Home for Christmas delivers a full-bodied flavour and packs a punch without you having to start a fight with one of your family members. And if it all goes wrong? You can still drive the hell out of there once your sister-in-law starts screaming and your dad questions your life choices. Soak up all the Christmas flavours and make a swift exit if it all gets too much. Want a zero-drama Christmas? Check out Driving Home for Christmas, a.k.a the best Christmas ale you will ever taste.

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2. Twisst Caramel Cream 0.0%

The Best Non-Alcoholic Cream Liqueur Alternative

Twist caramel cream product shot

Experience the luxury of a 5-star treat with Twisst Caramel Cream Non-Alcoholic Mocktail. This refreshing and award-winning mocktail offers a delightful and ready-to-enjoy experience, anytime and anywhere. If you're a fan of cream liqueur, you'll be delighted to discover this creamy, non-alcoholic alternative that captures the beloved taste. With Twisst Caramel Cream, there's no need for mixing or crushing – simply crack open a can and savour the hangover-free bliss. Indulge and enjoy the perfect beverage for those seeking a luxurious alcohol-free alternative to traditional cream liqueurs.

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3.Oddbird Blanc De Blancs - Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Prosecco 0.0%

The Best Prosecco for Raising a Toast

Oddbird Blanc De Blancs product shot

OddBird Blanc de Blancs isa remarkable alcohol-free sparkling wine that exudes sophistication and refinement. Meticulously crafted, this exquisite Blanc de Blancs captures the essence of a high-quality sparkling wine, without the alcohol. OddBird Blanc de Blancs showcases a delicate pale gold colour with a persistent vivacity that tantalizes the senses. The aroma is a harmonious blend of fragrant white flowers, crisp green apples, and a hint of citrus zest. One can expect a perfect balance of refreshing acidity and subtle sweetness on the palate, revealing flavours of ripe pear, white peach, and a subtle touch of brioche.

Made using only the finest grapes and traditional winemaking techniques, OddBird Blanc de Blancs delivers a truly memorable non-alcoholic sparkling wine experience. It's the perfect choice for elevating special occasions. So, raise a glass of OddBird Blanc de Blancs and indulge in a refined, refreshing and vibrant alternative to traditional sparkling wine.

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4. Anon Christmas Pudding Non-Alcoholic Spirit 0.5%

The Best Christmas Spirit

ANON Christmas Pudding product shot

Anon Christmas Pudding encapsulates the joyous holiday season within a single bottle. This alcohol-free spirit is meticulously crafted to recreate the warm, indulgent flavours of the traditional Christmas pudding. Ripe with sweet candied raisins and sultanas, along with caramelised orange peel and a sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, this complex palette is for those who desire the essence of the festive spirit without the presence of alcohol. This spirit embodies the heart-warming essence of the festive season with subtle citrus notes. Anon Christmas pudding is more than just a beverage, it’s an experience to be had; enjoyed on the rocks or as a base for delicious mocktails. The perfect centrepiece for those wanting to enjoy the Christmas holidays in a mindful, sophisticated way.

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5. Carl Jung Merlot 0.2%

The Best For Mulled Wine

Carl Jung mulled wine product shot

Carl Jung Merlot Non-Alcoholic Red Wine is an exquisite and alluring option for those in search of the pleasures of a fine red wine without alcohol. Meticulously crafted, this de-alcoholised wine expertly maintains the rich and intricate flavours that are characteristic of a traditional Merlot.

Grown in the sun-soaked vineyards of Germany, Carl Jung Merlot showcases a vibrant ruby colour that captivates the senses. The aroma entices with a delightful medley of ripe red fruits, such as blackcurrant and cherry, accompanied by a subtle touch of oak and spice - perfect to use in mulled wine. Carl Jung Merlot boasts a velvety texture with smooth tannins, making it the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of dishes; from hearty red meats to delicious pasta dishes. Indulge in the harmonious combination of luscious dark fruit flavours and gentle woodiness, and enjoy the well-rounded, full-bodied experience.

As a non-alcoholic beverage, this exceptional red wine allows you to appreciate its depth of flavour and savour every moment. It is a sophisticated experience for those wanting to raise a glass and toast the warmth of family and festive blessings.

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6. Mikkeller Drinkin’ in the Snow - Non-Alcoholic Christmas Ale 0.3%

The Best Beer For a Gift

Mikkeller Non Alc Xmas Ale product shot

Introducing "Drinkin in the Snow" by Mikkeller, a non-alcoholic winter ale that showcases exceptional craftsmanship and a unique character. Created specifically for cold winter nights, this brew encapsulates the essence of the season in every sip. The ale pours a clear amber colour, reminiscent of a snowy sunset. Its aromatic profile combines subtle spices, toasted malts and hints of dried fruits. The first taste reveals a symphony of flavours, including caramel and cloves, with a delicate splash of orange zest; a rich and comforting experience with its smooth and velvety texture. Mikkeller has truly surpassed expectations by offering a non-alcoholic winter ale that allows everyone to savour the festive flavours of the season. Whether you're enjoying a cosy evening by the fireplace or seeking a moment of solitude, "Drinkin' in the Snow" promises to be a delightful companion that will transport you to a winter wonderland.

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7. REAL Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea 0.5%

The Best For Serving with Christmas Dinner

Dry Dragon product shot

Real Kombucha Dry Dragon is an exquisite alcohol-free sparkling tea meticulously crafted to deliver a fine wine experience. Not heard of sparkling tea? Well, they combine loose-leaf tea leaves with a meticulous fermentation process to create a naturally alcohol-free drink with distinct flavours and a delicate flavour profile. Think of it as a fruity prosecco alternative.

This exceptional drink is ideal for those searching for a light, elegant celebration beverage. Dry Dragon is brewed from the finest Chinese pan-fired Dragonwell green tea, infused with delicate hints of lemon and grapefruit, paired with leafy undertones. Crafted in the Chilterns with utmost care and attention to detail, Real Kombucha Dry Dragon utilises premium loose-leaf teas and the finest ingredients.

Dry Dragon caters to a wide range of dietary requirements with its all-natural, gluten-free, low-calorie, and low-sugar formulation. It is also vegan-friendly, ensuring that no animal products or by-products are used in its production or packaging. The unique brewing process creates a refined and unforgettable taste, inspired by traditional wine-making. REAL Dry Dragon Kombucha is the epiphany of a modern-day, hangover-free Christmas.

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8. Nogne Julefri 0.0%

The Best Festively Spiced Beer

Experience the holiday season with Nogne Julefri (Norwegian Christmas Vacation). A satisfying alcohol-free brew that carries the essence of a traditional spiced beer and doesn’t leave you with a fuzzy head. Nogne Julefri uses a blend of classic holiday spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, which results in a rich, ambient texture with a smooth, balanced taste. A robust beer that emanates a spice-filled aroma, with a deep, amber hue, topped with a frothy crown. Whether you're seeking a cosy night by the fire or are in full swing celebrating with loved ones, this non-alcoholic beer is the ideal companion. It pairs impeccably with staple holiday dishes such as succulent roasted meats, vibrant vegetables, and delectable desserts.

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9. Hoppy Christmas Alcohol-Free Beer Box

The Best Christmas Gift Set

Experience a bright, bubbly holiday season with our Hoppy Christmas Box, the perfect gift for those who appreciate the wonders of non-alcoholic beverages. We've scoured the ends of the earth and teamed up with esteemed breweries to bring you a collection of five exquisite beers. Gift the joy of a hop-filled celebration box and share the effervescent energy!

The Hoppy Christmas Box includes:

  • Lervig No Worries Driving Home For Christmas 0.5%: A non-alcoholic Christmas Ale infused with holiday spices and cheer.
  • Jump Ship Flying Colours Pale Ale 0.5%: A lively and vibrant Pale Ale that embodies the festive season flawlessly.
  • Brutal Brewery Pistonhead Flat Tire Dry Hopped 0.5%: A rich lager with a dry hop kick, perfect for those chilly winter nights.
  • Beavertown Lazer Crush 0.3%: An IPA that's light on alcohol but bursting with flavour, bringing a ray of sunshine to the cold season.
  • Mikkeller Drinkin’ in the Snow 0.3%: A Winter Ale that captures Christmas's warm and spicy essence.

Each box also includes a snazzy Dry Drinker glass to elevate your beer-tasting experience. Personalise your gift with a custom name tag, and we'll deliver it straight to the lucky recipient's heart (and home). Spread the hoppy joy this Christmas and raise a toast to the good times with this meticulously curated selection of alcohol-free delights!

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Additional Tips for a Merry Alcohol-Free Celebration

For a truly memorable alcohol-free celebration, consider pairing the best non-alcoholic drinks for Christmas with some delicious festive snacks. Indulge in a platter of gourmet cheeses, artisanal crackers, and savoury charcuterie to complement the flavours of your alcohol-free beers. Or enjoy wine and fine dining with sparkling beverages that add elegance to smoked salmon appetizers and cured meat canapes. Add another layer of sparkle by dusting off your glass tumblers and finest flutes, and pouring beverages with pure delight!

You may want to indulge in some little extras with the following garnishes…

Garnishes for Christmas Drinks (non-alcoholic)

  • Orange slices - perfect in mulled wine or to decorate mocktails
  • Dried cloves & cinnamon sticks - add more depth to rich, mulled wine
  • Desiccated Coconut - add a snowy sprinkle to your Baileys alternative
  • Cocoa Powder - add a touch of indulgence to your creamy elixirs
  • Candied fruits - cranberries and mixed berries
  • Herbs and Spices - add a sprig of thyme, rosemary or sage!

Shine your alcohol-free energy and mocktail elixirs far and wide, crack open a non-alcoholic beer and inspire those around you to try something new! Enjoy promoting a healthy, energy-filled lifestyle whilst letting your hair down, and watch as those around you eye up your latest alcohol-free brews and delicious mocktails. Or maybe you want to gift a jolly, hoppy Christmas box and watch your loved ones savour every moment. There is so much joy to be had and games to be won when you are relaxed and level-headed, with a bit of buzz and a lot of bubbles. Feel fresh, recharged and rejuvenated this Christmas by indulging in exquisite non-alcoholic festive drinks with all the taste and no hangover.

Cheers to an Alcohol-Free and Festive Holiday Season!

Interested in broadening your horizons and exploring more alcohol-free festive drinks? You can check out our full range of non-alcoholic festive drinks on our website.

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