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Kolonne Null Mixed Case - Non Alcoholic Wine

Kolonne Null Mixed Case - Non Alcoholic Wine

0.5% ABV | 6 x 750ml Bottles

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Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of non-alcoholic wines with the Kolonne Null Mixed Case. This collection is a testament to Kolonne Null's commitment to producing high-quality, non-alcoholic wines that mirror the complexity and enjoyment of traditional wines.

Kolonne Null Riesling White Wine 2022: A splendid example of non-alcoholic Riesling, crafted with precision to retain the essence of the original grapes. This wine is a tribute to traditional Riesling wines, offering a unique experience for those seeking a non-alcoholic alternative.

Kolonne Null Verdejo 2022: Meticulously made from Verdejo grapes, this wine encapsulates the varietal's characteristic freshness and vibrancy, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the Verdejo grape's unique profile.

Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge No.2: This non-alcoholic red blend showcases the depth and richness one would expect from a red wine. It is carefully de-alcoholised to ensure that the wine's integrity and flavour profile are preserved.

Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge N°03 Grand Verdus: A remarkable red wine blend that combines the boldness of Merlot and Cabernet grapes. Its partial aging in oak barrels adds to its character, making it a distinguished choice in the non-alcoholic wine segment.

Kolonne Null Cuvée Blanc No.1 Sparkling: An elegant non-alcoholic sparkling wine that brings the joy of a traditional sparkling celebration to everyone. Its production follows a meticulous process to maintain the sparkling wine's charm and effervescence.

Kolonne Null Rosé Sparkling 2022: A delightful sparkling rosé that captures the essence of a classic rosé sparkling wine. It is perfect for those special occasions where a non-alcoholic option is desired without sacrificing the celebratory feel of a sparkling wine.

The Kolonne Null Mixed Case offers a diverse range of non-alcoholic wines, each crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. This collection is ideal for wine enthusiasts looking to explore the world of non-alcoholic wines without compromising on quality and experience.

Curious to explore our range? You don't have to settle for just one. At DryDrinker, we offer 'Pick Your Own' mixed cases. Handpick a selection of different products to discover your new favourites without getting too much of one kind.

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Tasting notes

Kolonne Null Mixed Case Tasting Notes:

Kolonne Null Riesling White Wine 2022: Exhibits a complex aroma of green apples, pear, and a hint of lime zest. This is complemented by a delicate floral fragrance and a mineral undertone. On the palate, it offers a crisp acidity balanced by a subtle sweetness, leading to a refreshing and clean finish.

Kolonne Null Verdejo 2022: Characterized by vibrant citrus and green apple notes, with nuances of fennel and fresh herbs. The palate experiences a harmonious balance between fruity flavours and a crisp minerality, culminating in a lively and refreshing finish.

Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge No.2: Rich with dark berry aromas, especially blackcurrants and blackberries, intertwined with subtle hints of oak and spice. The palate reveals a medium body with a blend of dark fruit flavors, smooth tannins, and a hint of vanilla and chocolate, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying finish.

Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge N°03 Grand Verdus: Features a bouquet of ripe cherries and blackberries, accented with warm spices and a delicate oakiness. The flavour profile is complex, offering layers of red fruits, a gentle touch of spices, and a subtle woodiness. The wine has a medium body with smooth tannins and a long, pleasing finish.

Kolonne Null Cuvée Blanc No.1 Sparkling: Delivers fresh and lively aromas of green apple, white peach, and citrus, along with floral notes. The palate is met with a fine effervescence, bringing forward the crisp fruit flavours, a well-balanced acidity, and a light, refreshing finish.

Kolonne Null Rosé Sparkling 2022: Offers an inviting aroma of strawberries, raspberries, and a hint of rose petals. On the palate, the wine presents a delightful combination of red berry flavours, a gentle floral note, and a crisp acidity, all complemented by a lively sparkle that leads to a refreshing finish.

Each wine in the Kolonne Null Mixed Case is a showcase of non-alcoholic winemaking excellence, offering a diverse and enriching taste experience.

Food Pairings

Kolonne Null Mixed Case - Non Alcoholic Wine: Ideal Food Pairings

For Kolonne Null Riesling White Wine 2022: Perfect with seafood, light poultry dishes, and Asian cuisine, complementing the delicate flavours with its crisp character.

For Kolonne Null Verdejo 2022: Great with grilled fish, fresh salads, and vegetarian dishes, enhancing the light and fresh nature of the wine.

For Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge No.2: Complements red meats, hearty stews, and rich pasta dishes, balancing the robust flavours with its smoothness.

For Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge N°03 Grand Verdus: Excellent with grilled meats, mature cheeses, and savoury dishes, matching the wine's depth and complexity.

For Kolonne Null Cuvée Blanc No.1 Sparkling: Ideal for celebrations, pairing well with appetizers, seafood, and light desserts, adding a festive touch to the meal.

For Kolonne Null Rosé Sparkling 2022: Wonderful with canapés, light pasta dishes, and summer salads, complementing the wine's light and refreshing style.

This mixed case offers a diverse range of non-alcoholic wines suitable for various culinary experiences, adding a sophisticated element to any meal or occasion.

Serving Suggestions

Kolonne Null Mixed Case - Non Alcoholic Wine: Serving Suggestions

Generally, serve all wines in the mixed case well-chilled to fully appreciate their refreshing qualities. Use appropriate glassware for each type to enhance the drinking experience: white wine glasses for Riesling and Verdejo, red wine glasses for the Cuvée Rouge varieties, and champagne flutes for the sparkling wines. Decanting can be considered for the red wines to allow them to breathe and develop their flavors. The sparkling wines are best enjoyed in a celebratory setting, making them perfect for toasts and special occasions.

Each wine in the Kolonne Null Mixed Case is designed to be enjoyed on various occasions, offering a non-alcoholic alternative that does not compromise on the elegance and complexity of traditional wine.


Kolonne Null embodies a special demand for quality, enjoyment, and style in the world of non-alcoholic wines. Renowned for presenting a diverse array of wines and sparkling variations, Kolonne Null collaborates with award-winning international family wineries to create exquisite offerings. The cornerstone of their innovation lies in the research conducted in their in-house laboratory, setting the stage for every unique creation.

With a mission to craft the finest non-alcoholic wines, Kolonne Null respects traditional winemaking craftsmanship while continually pushing boundaries to introduce innovative flavors and finishing concepts. Since its inception in 2018, the company has journeyed through the wine world, establishing itself as a specialized leader in the non-alcoholic wine sector. Their wine lab engages in ongoing exchanges with partner winemakers and research institutions, constantly striving to elevate the standards of excellence.

Kolonne Null has evolved from industry newcomers to leaders, developing a deeper understanding of the key drivers in their business. This evolution is marked by advancements in their laboratory, research partnerships, and a more selective approach to choosing partners across the entire value chain, from grapevine to shipping box.

What sets Kolonne Null apart is their dedication to capturing the essence of the growing region, the grape, and the winemaker's artistry in each bottle. Their commitment to transparency tells the story of each wine, linked closely to the highest standards of quality and perfection.

Looking ahead, Kolonne Null's journey is taking an exciting turn. Their work now begins in the vineyard, where discussions with winemakers before harvest shape the development of each wine. As they plan for their own production and a representative headquarters, the company envisions a vineyard in Brandenburg's Havelland region. This venture aims to bring together the most exciting and courageous international winemakers, elevating (non-alcoholic) wine to new heights in collaboration with Kolonne Null.

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