Creepy Cranberry Cider Halloween Mocktail in a skeleton hand glass

7 Best Halloween Mocktail Recipes

When the sky turns dark earlier, and a chill fills the air, we know Halloween is near. It's the time of the year when ghouls, witches, and warlocks come out to play. And what better way to join in the eerie festivities than with some spooktacular Halloween mocktails? These non-alcoholic concoctions are perfect for all ages to enjoy, ensuring your Halloween gathering is frightfully delightful. Our curated list of mocktails will make your Halloween party the talk of the graveyard. Let's dive into the cauldron and see what spooky brews await!

Ghostly Gin Fizz

Float into the eerie night with our Ghostly Gin Fizz. This mocktail uses non-alcoholic gin, creating a hauntingly good beverage for your Halloween soiree.

Ghostly gin fizz halloween mocktail


  • 50 ml Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin
  • 25 ml lemon juice
  • 15 ml sugar syrup
  • Soda water to top up
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemon slice and a sprig of mint for garnish


  1. In a shaker, combine the Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin, lemon juice, and sugar syrup. Shake well until combined.
  2. Strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice cubes.
  3. Top up with soda water and give it a gentle stir.
  4. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. Enjoy this ghostly concoction as the spirits roam free!


Witches' Brew Punch

Concoct a cauldron full of Witches' Brew Punch using a non-alcoholic dark rum. The flavours meld together to create a potion perfect for any coven gathering.



  1. In a large pitcher, combine the Lyre's Dark Cane, apple juice, cranberry juice, and lemon juice.
  2. Add a handful of frozen berries and some ice cubes to the pitcher.
  3. Just before serving, top up with sparkling water for a fizzy finish.
  4. Stir well, serve in goblets, and let the mystical festivities begin!


Midnight Mint Cooler

The Midnight Mint Cooler is a refreshing potion to keep the night’s spirits at bay. With a non-alcoholic vodka base, it's a crisp, clean beverage with a touch of minty freshness.



  1. In a glass, muddle the mint leaves with the lime juice and sugar syrup.
  2. Fill the glass with ice cubes and pour over the Seedlip 108.
  3. Top up with soda water, give it a gentle stir.
  4. Garnish with a mint sprig and a slice of lime. Enjoy the cool breeze of the midnight hour!


Eerie Elderflower Elixir

The Eerie Elderflower Elixir is a sophisticated brew for the discerning witch or warlock. With non-alcoholic gin and a hint of elderflower, it's a floral fantasy amidst the Halloween horror.

Eerie Elderflower mocktail


  • 50 ml CleanCo Clean G 
  • 25 ml elderflower cordial
  • 150 ml tonic water
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemon wheel and a sprig of mint for garnish


  1. In a glass, combine the CleanCo Clean G and elderflower cordial.
  2. Fill the glass with ice cubes and top up with tonic water.
  3. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a sprig of mint. Enjoy the floral whispers of the eerie night!


Spooky Sparkling Citrus

Unveil the spirits of Halloween with the Spooky Sparkling Citrus. The zesty citrus flavours dance with the bubbles, making it a lively brew for a ghostly gathering.



  1. In a glass, combine the orange juice, grapefruit juice, and lime juice.
  2. Fill the glass with ice cubes and top up with Scavi & Ray Alcohol-Free Prosecco.
  3. Garnish with an orange wheel. Raise a toast to the hauntingly beautiful night!


Creepy Cranberry Cider

Summon the spirits of autumn with our Creepy Cranberry Cider. The sweet tartness of cranberries mingled with a non-alcoholic apple cider creates a bewitching brew perfect for a chilly Halloween night.


  • 200 ml Sheppy's Low Alcohol Classic Cider
  • 100 ml cranberry juice
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup (adjust to taste)
  • A squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • Cinnamon stick and fresh cranberries or sprig of rosemary for garnish

Creepy Cranberry Cider Mocktail in a skeleton hand glass


  1. In a saucepan, gently warm the cranberry juice and maple syrup over low heat. Do not boil.
  2. Once warm, remove from heat and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
  3. Pour the mixture into a mug or heatproof glass, then top up with Sheppy's Low Alcohol Classic Cider.
  4. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a few fresh cranberries or a twig of rosemary.
  5. Enjoy the creepy comforts of this autumnal elixir as you revel in the Halloween haunts!


Phantom Pineapple Fizz

The Phantom Pineapple Fizz is a tropical fright delight. With the essence of non-alcoholic rum, this mocktail will have you and your ghosts swaying to the haunted beats.


  • 50 ml Lyre's White Cane Spirit
  • 150 ml pineapple juice
  • 50 ml coconut water
  • A splash of lime juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Pineapple slice and a cherry for garnish


  1. In a shaker, combine the Lyre's White Cane Spirit, pineapple juice, coconut water, and lime juice. Shake well.
  2. Strain into a glass filled with ice cubes.
  3. Garnish with a pineapple slice and a cherry. Sail away on a ghost ship with this tropical brew!


Non-Alcoholic Halloween Cocktails

We've conjured up a cauldron full of creepy concoctions that will bewitch your guests. And the magic doesn't stop here. Venture into Dry Drinker's mystical world of non-alcoholic spirits and discover a treasure trove of beverages perfect for crafting your own haunted Halloween mocktails. Whether you're a seasoned sorcerer of the sober spirits or a budding brewmaster, a phantom potion awaits you.

And if you dare to share your creepy creations on social media, tag us! We'd love to see the monstrous mocktails you've mixed up. May your Halloween be filled with spooky spirits and eerie elixirs. Until the next full moon, cheers to a hauntingly happy Halloween!

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