Collection: Low and No Alcohol Beer

Alcohol free beer (sometimes known as non-alcoholic beer) is generally 0.5% ABV or lower, We stock alcohol free beer from around the world and are proud to support over 20 UK brewery’s. You can enjoy Alcohol free beer in many styles such as Pilsner, wheat beer, Belgian beers and hoppy American pale ales. Our beer experts have been tasting alcohol free beer for over 7 years so their palate is known and trusted in the industry and by our awesome customers. So what ever the reason your drinking alcohol free beer be assured we got the best range we’ve tasted. At Drydrinker, we're all about great tasting beer and one of the best parts of our job is when we find it we bring it direct to you. We've been working with most of the U.K.'s independent alcohol free beers over the last five years and we continue to search and develop with our Beer partners the next generation of low and no alcohol free beers. If your taste is a little bit stronger we have a fantastic range of low alcohol beers which typically range from 2.8% to 1%. We've put together eight fantastic tasting beers from 7 brilliant independent UK Brewers and a classic from Paulaner the German brewing power house.