Exclusive Innis & Gunn Alcohol Free Craft Pale Ale 0.0% 6/12x 330ml



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Innis & None is a delicious citrus pale ale from Scottish brewers Innis & Gunn.

It has big hop bitterness, balanced with a touch of sweetness and the added goodness of ginseng and vitamin C.

Innis & None is the very first zero alcohol beer from Innis & Gunn. It’s bold, zesty and thirst quenching, with all the hops and flavour you want from a craft beer, just no alcohol. Whilst most non-alcoholic beers are brewed and then dealcoholised removing some of the flavour. Their brewers have created a beer like no other; Innis & None is brewed but not fermented, leaving all the flavour untouched.


Intense blend of dry hop notes, fragrant blood orange and resinous pine


Pale Ale Malt


Zesty with big hop bitterness and balanced by a touch of sweetness


Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus, Magnum, Hercules and Apollo


Lasting yet clean

Beer Colour

Light Golden

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Weight 8 kg

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